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Pinhole glasses are available in two distinct forms:

Traditional Pinholes
Traditional Pinholes
Rear view is similar to front.

Traditional pinholes have flat or slightly curved lenses of plastic with actual holes punched through them. Ultraviolet light is reduced because the holes restrict the amount of light that reaches the eyes.

Modern Pinholes
Modern Pinholes
Put cursor on image to see rear view.

Modern pinholes have solid, curved lenses of the same clear plastic used for prescription glasses. The lenses provide full untraviolet protection. The pinhole pattern is printed on the back in ink and a mild mirror coating is added to the front to help hide the pinhole pattern from others. These revolutionary pinhole glasses were developed by CaribbeanEyes and are available nowhere else in the world.

Here are the differences.
Advantages: Low cost. Light passes through the holes without being diminished by the lens material.
Disadvantages: Not attractive for use in public.
Advantages: Attractive. Look like sunglasses to others.
Disadvantages: Mirror coating on front causes some light to be lost due to reflection.

A pair of traditional pinholes for use at home and a pair of modern pinholes for use in public are the ideal combination.

Most people know little or nothing about pinhole glasses.
The optical industry sees inexpensive pinholes as a threat to the lucrative business of selling their own overpriced products.
That is why you do not find pinholes for sale in optical stores. Now you can buy them here.
Be sure to read the basic information below to learn about the two types of pinholes.
And for even more information, see How pinhole glasses function.
Also see Pinholes as Sunglasses.
Do NOT use pinholes when driving a vehicle.

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You may wonder why the possible uses for pinhole glasses are not discussed here. Since we are a seller of pinhole glasses, the US Food and Drug Administration does not allow us to freely discuss the ways you might use these glasses. It only allows us to tell you that pinholes are useful as sunglasses. If there are any other uses, you will have to search for that information on your own. We have never claimed that pinholes prevent, treat or cure any disease. Nevertheless, for decades, the FDA has restricted your access to pinholes, because the US optical industry doesn't want you to have them. No other country in the world restricts the sale of pinhole glasses. You have a right to know why the FDA takes this position. Read:

The History of Pinhole Glasses

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